TutuApp APK Official App For Android, iOS devices, iPad, iPhone, How to Download & FAQ’s

TutuApp ApkPure is the app store on which you can download unlimited apps. TutuApp Apk is available for iOS and Android Mobile both. It’s so beneficial app which covers the whole market in app field users. It is available in form of  TutuApp iOSTutuApp for Android and Tutuapp for PC.


Through TutuApp you can get all apps free. We will also discuss the methods to Install TutuApp on Android and Install TutuApp on iOS (iPhone/iPad).


Come to the world of TutuApp 2019, you’ll see the actual app benefits through this app. It works in all types of devices developers of TutuApp have fixed their bugs properly before launching the app. When Tutu App was launched it’s a Chinese language app but after some time developers update the app and comes in the English language and comes with a new name Tutu helper.


This is the second version of TutuApp. It’s a very understanding app you can use it very easily.


So Now,

These are the major features of TutuApp. To get to know more about the application you require installing the same. Let us move forward now to the download and installation steps of TutuApp on Android, iOS & Windows PC/MAC Computer.



Application NameTuTuApp
File TypeAPK, Mobile config (iOS)
File Size23 MB (APK), 13 kb (config file)
File Size23 MB (APK), 13 kb (config file)
LanguageEnglish(29 more)
Supported iOS versions12.0, 12.0.1, 12.1.3, 12.1.2, 12.1.1, 12.1,11.4.1, 11.4, 11.3.1, 11.3, 11.2.6, 11.2.5, 11.2.2, 11.2.1, 11.2, 11.1.2, 11.1.1, 11.1, 11.0.3, 11.0.2, 11.0.1, 11.0,10.3.3, 10.3.2, 10.3.1, 10.3,9.3.5,7.1.2 and other versions iOS7 and plus

Tutuapp for Android

TutuApp For Android is very useful and famous because it covers all tasks at the same time. When TutuApp Android new version came users feel good and their excitement is out of control. You can download TutuApp for the Android latest version for your Android. It has its own two parts first one is Regular and second is for the high level is Premium. For PUBG Lovers PUBG Hack Here.


Both parts of TutuApp Android are outstanding you can download the app and automatically you’ll get both parts in your phones there is no money required for using TuTuApp.


TutuApp For iOS

TutuApp iOS, If you’re using a TutuApp store then it works in all the devices then it called an app store in their language. TuTu App launch aversion and give a name to him TutuApp APK FOR iOS this version is only for iOS users.

There is no invalid activity will disturb you because it’s a fully legal TutuApp iOS 12.2 launched is for iOS users because they face many problems in their app stores. So here is the solution for iOS users. Also, Tutuapp is safe for our devices.


TutuApp Apk Version Information

Latest TutuApp APK 3.3.2 is included much more application for its users. So Hurry to download now and enjoy the fun of Tutu.


Quality of TutuApp Apk

Tutuapp 3.3.2  app also through its use you don’t need to go Play Store to get convenience. You can download paid apps for free of cost through this app. Play store gives you paid apps so Tutuapp is better to use rather than Play store.

You can also get Like Pokesniper APK and Pokemon Go. These applications give complete security to use it. You can do all the things which you want to do there is no restrictions on this app.


TutuApp Apk iOS Free Download

The most interesting facility of TuTu App it gives you a cleaner which cleans you caches files. In android phones caches files automatically appear without any download.

These are backup type files it is necessary to clean up these files because it takes lots of storage un devices. That’s why Tutuapp The Best iOS Helper Ever is giving you the best feature that helps you to clean all these unwanted files.



there are no fake versions of Tutu App Download Free. you can check how many downloads of this app and then you’ll realize rumors are fake. You have to go right app which is TutuApp Apk iOS.

TutuApp is best because none other app gives you these types of features and security for your devices. Direct Download TuTu App to click the download button. Must Download Instagram ++.

You can join it and be a regular member of this app it’s nice and take less data for downloading and updating all the apps for their new versions.


TutuApp VIP

TutuApp VIP Apk is the best version of TutuApp it never gives you any third party content which is invalid. TutuApp VIP is not free if you want to use for VIP, pay for it 12.99 $ to Official website then you can easily use it.

Users are still using this version because they like it, TutuApp Store has its many versions which give you many things. TutuApp Vip Version is only available on its official website & Also, TutuApp Minecraft.

TutuApp VIP is not free if you are looking for VIP you have to pay for it on Official Website.


How to Install TutuApp on iPhone and iPad

If you want to download TutuApp then you have to follow this method and you start downloading tutu app. Don’t worry the method is long but not too much difficult so just go for the app. Download TutuApp For iOS. And iPhone/iPad Devices.

  • Click on the download button to go on another step.
  • You can you TutuApp free in Your iPhone/iPad by this method.
  • The first Download .iPA File to click the download button then follow these steps.
  • One column will open in front of you which shows Tutuapp APK.
  • You have to tap on the below option Try Now.
  • Another page will appear on your screen you have to click on the Allow button.
  • Next page will become on the screen and says you Profile downloaded you have to click on Close.
  • Go on your phone setting.
  • Click on the General option to continue the next step.
  • Switch on the Profile option to get the touch and connected with TuTu App.
  • You’ll see TutuApp and click on it wait for the next page.
  • The page will open go on the top right corner Install button.
  • You have to set a passcode to install Tutu App set 6 digit passcode first and go on the next page.
  • There is two option will be on the screen Install and Cancel.
  • Click on install button and on next page click on the Done option on the top right corner.
  • If you Need TutuApp VIP, So you can pay for it on Official Website.


How to Install TutuApp APK for Android?

For downloading TutuApp Apk on android you have to follow a simple and short method if you pay attention then the methods will properly fit in your mind. Users are thinking that it’s a long method but no it’s the really simple and short method you have yo just do some changes in your phone setting that’s it. The method covers all the things but if you apply correctly so Tutuapp Android is not a big APK file it downloads in a minute.


Download TutuApp For Android.

The file is not so big so that’s why your phone never shows you the warning or indication that storage space running out. You can easily store TutuApp Android in your android phones and give the best quality to all the users. Some more new updates are coming for users if you wait for them it would be really beneficial for you and your work.


The method of downloading starts from here you have to go on Phone setting > security > unknown source enabled after this your phone allows you to download any third party app also Download Tutuapp Android.


Then Go to the download button and tap on it wait till the Apk file downloaded. When the file downloaded you have to wait for a moment and then open that file to install the TutuApp on Android. Open the file and you’ll see the option to install. Tap that button and your app successfully installed in your phone after a minute.


Exciting features of Tutuapp Apk

Tutuapp Android gives us many facilities but it’s in our hand that which feature we can use and take more advantage from the app.

  • This app offers you two internal version which comes in the inner side of Tutu App. It gives you TutuApp Regular and Premium version.
  • It gives you phone cleaner from which you can clean your all caches which hangs your phone’s.
  • TutuApp gives you awesome speed in which you can easily download any files in seconds.
  • You can download TutuApp Hack both types of apps here Premium apps and Regular apps both are available here.
  • If you want hack versions of any games then you can download hack versions of all types of games.
  • It will never give you any fake apps which harm your phones. You can trust tutu app.
  • Many versions are here for your help you can choose one of them which suits you.
  • TuTu app works in all types of devices without any charges. You can try this on all devices.
  • Latest updates come very fast in a few weeks you can install them also.
  • It’s a free app you can easily download TutuApp Store without any cost.
  • New version 3.3.2 update on May 2019.


How to Download Tutuapp in Pc?

The most advanced version of  TutuApp For PC is coming soon you’ll automatically notify that the updated version has come. You have to check the reviews of update one and then you can get the best one there is special in it. Users are still using the expert version of this app but now also some users believing in fake apps.


Best Alternative of TutuApp

There are many alternatives of Tutu App available they all are good in use.

Tweakbox, Appvn, Ac Market, Panda helper these are the top alternatives of TutuApp. In this app stores, you’ll get the same things as TutuApp Lite. You can use them also if you want to try them. Overall Tutu is Best For Android and iOS.


Some FAQs About TutuApp

Is Tutuapp Safe?

TutuApp is a safe application for all multiple device users. It is authorized by Google that it never harms any devices and gives the original content to users. That’s why TutuApp APK is famous in all over the world you can check its download it crosses millions and billions.

The searches of the Tutu App is increasing day by day because users have faith in TuTuApp. It’s a safe application for all the users who never disappoint you from any complaints. Thus all the users want some more fun in the app that’s why they go for other app stores.

Everyone is saying that TutuApp is the hackable app it reveals your data and spread all over the world. But they are rumors if you trust on them you’ll be lost the good app with your hand.

So TutuApp Apk iOS Free is not a hackable app it’s an original Tutu app fully authorized and no one can touch this app if they won’t have a permit.


Is TutuApp Safe?

Yes, It’s a 100% safe app for our devices, you can use free or any devices.


What is TutuApp used for?

It’s an App Store like Google Play Store and Apple App Store[iPhone]. We can use this app to download paid apps free. Its also help to increase your phone speed by cleaning cache files.


Does Tutu App Work?

Yes, It works now! You can download by using by clicking the download button but only regular version, For VIP, need to pay Official Website.


What is the latest updated version?

In May 2019 TutuApp Apk the Last update was version 3.3.2 and here is available to download. Also, Old version available.


TutuApp 2019 Update!

Check updates by yourself then you’ll realize the TutuApp is good or not. Many old app stores are available but if you do not go with the new generation then you’ll be not updated.


How to Get TutuApp VIP free?

TutuApp is a free app but if VIP is not free, we should pay for VIP Version, Without paying no way to use offers of VIP.


TutuApp Old Version iOS Working?

Yes, the old version is still working on iOS devices, its free version for ios you can get old also here to go on the download page.


How to get TutuApp VIP Account Free?

If you are looking for VIP account free so you will get it from Twitter yes, Follow official page of Tutu App and Play the contents for VIP account if you will win you’ll get VIP account free for a 1-year subscription!




App stores are of many types but in many, you have to choose one of them. TutuApp On which you can trust and it never gives you any harmful content to you and other users. TuTu App is like a machine on which you’ll get that app also which are not available at Google play store.

Yes, when you search any app and you’ll not get on the play store them come to Tutu App. It gives you the same app which you want. Don’t Forget to Download TutuApp For Android and TutuApp For iOS.

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